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Akron-AAUP and Faculty Senate Joint Response to Program Cuts Without Adequate Faculty Input


On August 15th, The University of Akron Board of Trustees announced that intends to cut 80 academic programs or program tracks. At the recom …
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Akron-AAUP Meeting With The Board Of Trustees


Dear Colleagues in the Bargaining Unit Faculty (BUF), The Akron-AAUP was notified on August 25th that the Board of Trustees (BOT) would meet …
Akron AAUP

Former UA Board Member: UA board suffers from ‘group think’


Excerpts from an editorial piece in the Akron Beacon Journal by former UA Board member, and retired Summit County Judge, Jane Bond "The fac …
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UA as Polytechnic…


Excerpt from the June 19 newsletter: Clearly, in spite of the marketing strategy, UA faculty, students, alumni, and community members alread …
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Akron-AAUP Newsletter: Re-branding is not the only solution to UA's enrollment issues


"To become a great public institution The University of Akron must emulate the most successful universities: It must invest in educational s …
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Well, so much for the success of profit-oriented online education "providers"…


https://www.insidehighered.com/news/2015/04/27/corinthian-ends-operations-remaining-campuses-affecting-16000-students …